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Nina Hartley

Date of birth: March 11, 1959

Bio: Porn Star Nina Hartley is one of the best-loved, most highly respected sex stars of any era, a beautiful and outspoken woman who's not afraid to speak up for herself and her chosen career. She's a starlet who loves her work -- and it shows. Nina Hartley's a big-breasted blonde with a nice body and one of the greatest backsides to ever grace a porno flick. Her infectious smile and vivacious personality bring a sense of fun to each sex role she takes. When the action heats up, Nina Hartley's right there with it, bringing a fiery touch to scenes of every kind. A confirmed bisexual swinger in her real life, Nina Hartley loves sex in all its forms, and names oral sex as her favorite on-screen activity.

Nina Hartley was attending San Francisco State University and dancing in clubs when she was approached by producer Juliet Anderson in March 1984. She merrily made the leap into hardcore, debuting in 84's 'Educating Nina' at the age of 19. She hit the big time with featured performances in 'Debbie Does Dishes' and 'Every Woman Has A Fantasy.' Before long, she was one of the hardest-working women in the biz. To date, Nina Hartley has been in almost 500 features, and she's still going strong. Her best film was as the erotic French maid in the award winning 'Ten Little Maidens.'

An outspoken critic of censorship, Nina Hartley tours the country giving lectures at colleges about her unique and quite strong views on sexuality, feminism and pornography.

Nina Hartley is still one of the hottest performers in the biz, her lust for her work still as evident as ever. Nina Hartley's unique blend of beauty, intelligence, sexuality and humor has made her one of the most well-loved women in porn to those both inside and outside the industry. In 1997, Nina Hartley landed a small but pivotal role in the acclaimed porn industry epic 'Boogie Nights.' She's a class act and a real treasure, an earthy erotic treat that just keeps on going.

Nina Hartley received the award in 1987 from the Adult Video News for the 'Ten Little Maidens' .

Nina Hartley received the award in 1989 from the X-Rated Critics' Organization for the movie 'My Bare Lady'.

Nina Hartley received the award in 1989 from the Adult Video News for the movie 'Portrait of an Affair'.

Nina Hartley received the award in 1991 from the Adult Video News for the movie 'Last X-Rated Movie'.

Nina Hartley received the award in 1990, 1991, 1992 from the Fans of X-Rated Entertainment.

Nina Hartley received the award from the Fans of X-Rated Entertainment. more info »

Alternate Names: Anal Annie | Edith | Nina Hartely | Nina Hartly | Nina Hartman | Nina Hartwell | Nina

Most frequent partners in DVD/Films: Billy Dee   Mike Horner   Marc Wallice

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